Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Produce ordering starts tomorrow!

Produce ordering starts on Thursday, October 14th at 10pm and ends on Sunday, October 17th at 11:59pm!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Azure is due October 21 , 2010

Hello, Azure Standard orders are due Thursday Oct 21st by 11:59 pm
All ordering takes place on our website and prices include shipping and handling :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ordering Dates

Check our calendar for ordering dates and arrivals :)

Ordering in March

Ordering period will be extended the week of March 7th, due to web application upgrades.

Frontier Orders

So the deal is.. When we place Frontier orders they guarantee them in with in four weeks. But we have found that it usually only takes 2 weeks. I can not guarantee the orders will arrive with in two weeks. All I can tell you is that when they do arrive we will hold them until the next pick up.

Thank You :)

Produce Orders

Produce orders are in process.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Items?


Do you have items that you would like us to carry?

Are there products that are out of stock with Azure, that you would like to see for sale?

Do you or friends of yours have homemade crafts, soaps, etc that you would like to offer for sale with Wolf Lake Wellness?

Well if you are answering YES to any of these items above please drop us a line.

Anchorage Delivery Fee

Anchorage Delivery Fee,
$15 per order seemed to be too much to charge, and .10 per pound doesn't even pay for our gas to drive to Anchorage.  So for now until we pick up more Anchorage deliveries, we'll be charging $10 per order for Anchorage Delivery.

There will be no extra fees added on to your order in the market place. Instead the prices you see are those for Pick up. For the delivery fee will be added on after invoices are printed off.

Thank you,

Friday, February 19, 2010

2nd Feb Azure Order

Well we offered twice a month Azure Standard ordering this month... Indeed folks are interested. We did meet the minimum and Azure Orders will arrive Wed the 3rd of March. :)

Pick up is Wed March 3rd from 3pm-9pm.

If you can not make it during these times please contact us asap, to make other pick up arrangements.

Thanks :)

How Frontier & Mt. Rose Herb Ordering Works

To make a Frontier and/or Mt. Rose Herb order, at this current time you will need to email us your order. We make one large order and thus the savings.  Although shipping is by mail so they are not on a definate arrival date.  This being so, we have not put pick up dates on the calender for these two companies. Rather, we have lined up the ordering cut off dates to allow us enough time to get your orders processed with hopes that they will arrive prior to the next produce pick up date.

For questions please contact us.

Upcoming Local Trade Shows

WLW will have a booth at both the Outdoorsman (March 26,27,28) and the Today's Women show (April 23, 24, 25).

We are looking for Volunteers to put in 2-4 or more hours helping at our booth.

If you are interested please contact us: (907) 746-2800 /

We would like to have folks that have previously ordered with us help out at our booth.

Those that help out at our booths will earn a nice shopping credit to use on future orders with WLW.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi are you interested in earning a credit back on your orders?
Well if you can put in a few hours of your time you can!

We need Produce Sorters every other Wed Am.

Sorters get first dibs on Leftover portions of cases that were not pre ordered.

Being a sorter is a great way to meet others in WLW and learn how things work.

We ask that Sorters not bring their kiddos unless they ask us first.

If you would like to sort, Please let us know, and provide us with your email and a good phone number.

Thanks :)


Members in Business

Hi are you a WLW member in business?
Would you like to advertise for free inour newsletters?
Well if you provide us with the name of your company, and a contact number/email/web page. We will post your info to our newsletters.

We also offer economicaly priced full page ads for our Members & Non Members.


Upcoming Events

Wolf Lake Wellness
Please join us at:
- AK Vegan Society this next Saturday February 27th.
- AK Center for Acupuncture Thursday March 18th.
- Wasilla Outdoors Man Show March 26,27, 28th
- Wasilla Today's Women Show April 23, 24, 25th

Azure Standard


Currently to place an Azure order you'll need to do so through Azure Standards website by using our Drop Point number.

In the near future, all Azure ordering will take place within our website.

As well as we are currently working on linking with new vendors to fill in the voids that Azure has.
Such as several items have been out of stock lately with Azure.

Please let us know what your looking for and unable to purchase through the current companies and we'll do our best to find a way to carry these items :)

Thanks :)


How To?

Well we are currently working on How To Videos, to ease the ordering process.

Emails - With Ordering Info

Well as we continue to try to meet as many of your needs as possible, an over abundance of emails has been one of our issues. Not enough emails, too many emails..

If you have an idea how this may work more proficiently please let us know.

As of today we are going to try a new idea.. We will start by having the members calendar viewable by anyone, rather then by members only.
This way you too can see when ordering & pick up dates are.

We also have folks that like reminder emails that ordering time is due, and that its pick up time.

We are going to try emailing out once a week with links to our resources so that we can avoid overloading your email in-box.

Thanks :)


Organic Produce Ordering For Feb 2010

As you may know we are now offering twice a month Organic Produce Ordering.

USA Apples are fading and out of town apples are starting to migrate in. Honey Crisps are over for this year. Although our produce distributor "Lucas" has said that Braeburns are currently the closest to a Honey Crisp apple.

We found that with this last order due to alot of the common produce now coming from Mexico until the US markets start producing warm weather veggies. tomatoes and cucumbers are not as flavorful as the USA grown ones.

Eggplant looked Fabulous and is also currently coming from MX as well.

Greens were nice, coming from USA, and Citrus is all US Grown currently.

Avocados are switching back from MX to US grown.

Pineapple, We have found that the best ones come from Maui, currently this time of year we are only able to get the Non Organic ones from Maui. I'm not too concerned about the fact they are not organic due to they do not rank high in pesticides with Currently the Organic Pineapples are coming from overseas and they get in green and tend to have moldy bottoms, they do not ripen well, nor do they have the pristine flavor as the Maui ones do.

We have access to many more items than we have listed. If you are looking for a particular item. Please inquire with us, we may have access to the particular item. We try to keep the choices down to a min so that folks do not get over confused with the number of choices and we are able to still fill cases so that something can be ordered. :) With the continued idea that as we continue to grow we'll be able to offer more selections.

Such lettuce, this past fall, was the first time we were able to order a full case of lettuces due to the sheer fact we had more folks ordering.

If you would like to read the report from one of our produce vendors "weekly report" please look under the Members Area tab, Ordering Info, Produce Ordering.

Thanks for your time :)