Thursday, February 18, 2010

Organic Produce Ordering For Feb 2010

As you may know we are now offering twice a month Organic Produce Ordering.

USA Apples are fading and out of town apples are starting to migrate in. Honey Crisps are over for this year. Although our produce distributor "Lucas" has said that Braeburns are currently the closest to a Honey Crisp apple.

We found that with this last order due to alot of the common produce now coming from Mexico until the US markets start producing warm weather veggies. tomatoes and cucumbers are not as flavorful as the USA grown ones.

Eggplant looked Fabulous and is also currently coming from MX as well.

Greens were nice, coming from USA, and Citrus is all US Grown currently.

Avocados are switching back from MX to US grown.

Pineapple, We have found that the best ones come from Maui, currently this time of year we are only able to get the Non Organic ones from Maui. I'm not too concerned about the fact they are not organic due to they do not rank high in pesticides with Currently the Organic Pineapples are coming from overseas and they get in green and tend to have moldy bottoms, they do not ripen well, nor do they have the pristine flavor as the Maui ones do.

We have access to many more items than we have listed. If you are looking for a particular item. Please inquire with us, we may have access to the particular item. We try to keep the choices down to a min so that folks do not get over confused with the number of choices and we are able to still fill cases so that something can be ordered. :) With the continued idea that as we continue to grow we'll be able to offer more selections.

Such lettuce, this past fall, was the first time we were able to order a full case of lettuces due to the sheer fact we had more folks ordering.

If you would like to read the report from one of our produce vendors "weekly report" please look under the Members Area tab, Ordering Info, Produce Ordering.

Thanks for your time :)


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